Friday, August 21, 2009

$5 trillion a year

That's just the current rate the Treasury is issuing debt:

Update--Teetering on the edge of economic collapse

The government is trying to keep the struggling economy propped up with massive borrowing, which is clearly not sustainable.

If the medium/long duration scenario still holds, we are about to enter the Ramp-Up phase:

Slow climb: (already happening)
Ramp up: Sep 2009
Crazy: Jun 2010
Dollar Nuked: Sep 2010
Recovery: Sep 2010 - Mar 2012

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David Wozney said...

If the stated value, of “Federal” Reserve notes, declines enough with respect to copper and nickel, the 1946-2009 nickels, composed of cupronickel alloy, could completely disappear from mass circulation.

According to the “United States Circulating Coinage Intrinsic Value Table” available at, the March 29th metal value of these nickels is “$0.0588943” or 117.78% of face value.