Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The New American Currency

The dollar may already have been nuked, the new dollar is the "Amero"

Hal Turner muestra el Amero

I'm not sure how factual this is, but it certanly fits the pattern of a planned hyperinflation followed by a new currency. Hal Turner portrays this as a "New World Order" conspiracy to create the North American Union. I'm skeptical, but hey, whatever works, you know? Also, notice that this video was posted prior to the bailout mania.

My question: If this is true, how long with the "Amero" last before it's worthless? What will back the Amero, or will it just be another debt-backed security like the dollar? The hyperinflation cycle is often repeated two or three times before settling down.

Hooookay, never mind. Hal Turner has gone a bit around the bend.

Hal Turner Show

Right or wrong, advocating violent revenge in a public forum is just dumb.

Revolution may be justified, but I don’t think we’re there yet. And any revolt must be based on supporting and defending the Constitution, not on vengeance. I hope most people remember that: Stand by the Constitution!

And the Amero is probably not quite real:

Amero Coin Con

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